On The Issues

Delco is my home—it’s where I grew up and it’s where I’m raising my family. That’s why I share your values: affordable healthcare, strong schools, fair politics, and equal opportunity. With your help, I can return to Harrisburg and work to keep our families safe and secure by serving our community instead of special interests. It’s more important than ever that the voices of hardworking Pennsylvanians like you are heard in the capital.

Mike Zabel

Creating Healthcare Solutions

Skyrocketing healthcare costs and more insecurity than ever shows that the healthcare industry is focused on profits over people. Mike knows a healthy community is a strong community, and is ready to act to ensure everyone has access to affordable healthcare. He will work to lower the cost of prescription drugs, protect coverage for those with preexisting conditions, and hold drug companies responsible for creating the opioid crisis, while finding safe and affordable treatments for those working to get their lives back.

Fighting for Our Schools

Year after year, our communities are forced to cut spending on education while paying more in taxes; We deserve better. Mike is ready to fight for the full and fair funding our school districts need. From funding school renovation projects to ensuring charter school transparency to making it easy to report non-compliance with educational rights, Mike will work to ensure an equal education and a bright future for our children, and children across Pennsylvania.

Protecting the Environment for Our Children

It’s essential to think about the world we will pass onto our children. Mike knows Pennsylvania should be a leader in conservation and environmental protection. In his first term he has served on the Environmental Resources Committee and been the Democratic Chair of the Subcommittee on Parks & Forests, leading him to propose legislation on improving electronic recycling and banning a dangerous pesticide. Mike will continue to work to create more green space in our communities, and strengthen our Department of Environmental Protection because our children deserve nothing less.

Solving Gun Violence

Every year, we see too many families ripped apart and innocent lives lost from the tragedy of gun violence. Mike is ready to fight for common-sense solutions to keep our families safe, from universal background checks to bans on bump stocks, high capacity magazines, and assault weapons—he has already proposed legislation addressing gun violence in Pennsylvania. We must stop people with felonies who have committed domestic violence or suffer from severe mental illness from getting a gun. He will represent the community, never the NRA.

Making Government Work

Too many politicians in Harrisburg will do anything to stay in power. They rig the maps for our voting districts and take advantage of weak campaign finance laws to rake in dark money, all the while neglecting the needs of real hardworking people. Mike will fight for campaign finance reform, a gift ban for legislators, and an independent citizens commission to ensure integrity in our redistricting process.

Fighting for Workers and Unions

When campaign donors, not the people, are dictating policy on the rights of workers to collectively bargain, we must say enough is enough. In his first term Mike has proposed legislation to strengthen worker protections, and will continue his work to make our unions stronger and protect workers so they can receive the higher wages and better health care they deserve. These changes will help reduce poverty, close the gender pay gap, and make our community stronger.

Creating a Fair Tax System

The Harrisburg Majority has spent years creating sky-high tax bills for our district’s property owners while watching big corporations create out-of-state shell companies to avoid taxes. Mike will fight to get our priorities straight and close tax loopholes to make big corporations pay their fair share, so we can lower taxes to support small businesses run by hard-working citizens.

Ensuring Justice for All

The law should protect every Pennsylvanian—and every American—from discrimination, regardless of their gender, race, religion, age or sexual orientation. Trump and the Harrisburg Majority have undermined this core American value. Mike knows our community cannot stand by and let that happen. We need to stand tall, speak loudly, and fiercely defend this core value that rang out from Philadelphia almost 250 years ago – that all of us are created equal.